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Buyer Terms of Business

Who we are. Forum Events & Media Group Limited (‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘Forum Events) is a provider of focused, tailored events and media platforms. We are a company registered in England and Wales under company number 06087790). We are registered for VAT (registration number 905 8538 07).
How to get in touch with us. If you need to get in touch, you can email us at, call us on 01992 374100 or can write to us at Forum House, 71 Mead Lane, Hertford, SG13 7AX


These Terms of Business and the Booking Confirmation Form you sign form the entire contract between us.
You should not rely on any other documents, statements or representations of any kind, as they are not included in the contract between us unless we agree otherwise in writing.

Advertiser Organisation means the person or organisation shown on the Booking Confirmation Form as the ‘advertiser’

Booking Confirmation Form means the document prepared by Forum Events, which shows details of your booking

Buyer Organisation means the person or organisation shown on the Booking Confirmation Form as the ‘buyer’

Delegate Participation Requirements means pre-scheduling the Buyer Organisation’s choice of supplier appointments and workshops / seminars in good time through the Forum Events online portal to enable Forum Events to create the Delegate’s itinerary; attendance at all appointments on the Delegate’s itinerary, attendance at the networking dinner (for 2-day Events) and attendance at all workshops / seminars on the Delegate’s itinerary.

Contract means these Terms of Business and either the Booking Confirmation Form once it has been signed by you or the PA Life subscription form once it has been submitted by you

Delegate a person that attends the Event under your booking

Event means the forum, summit or other event that you have selected for your Delegate(s) to attend

Package means the things we will provide for you including any options chosen by you

Supplier Organisation means the person or organisation shown on the Booking Confirmation Form as the ‘supplier’

Venue means the premises at which the Event will be held

You or you means the person or organisation that is entering into a Contract with Forum Events either for the that person or on behalf of that organisation

What you will actually get depends on which of our services you choose.  Some Services such as Events have different packages for you to select from.  Our media pack sets out details of what is included in each package and our booking team will help you choose which package best meets your requirements.  Your chosen Package will be shown in your Booking Confirmation Form.

WiFi at Events

Venues normally offer complimentary WiFi and Forum Events does not have any responsibility for it.    It is your responsibility to ensure that you are happy for communications to be sent and received over the WiFi and for their security.



All of our Events are closed events.  We do not allow entry to anyone who we have not authorised as a Delegate or other attendee for the particular Event.  Delegates and other authorised attendees are not permitted to bring guests with them.


Guide dogs

The policy at each Venue will apply and you should check with the Venue in advance.


  • B1. Complimentary places.  The Charges for a Buyer Organisation’s attendance at Events is £500 plus VAT per ‘live’ Delegate for a 2 day event and £250 plus VAT per ‘live’ delegate for a 1 day event. Attendance at any Events as a ‘virtual’ Delegate is £250 plus VAT
    We currently waive this charge so attendance is complimentary. However, Buyer Organisation Delegate places at Events are limited and suppliers make arrangements based on expected attendance.
Buyer Organisation cancellation

If you have booked an Event but change your mind, you can cancel the booking for that Event by giving us notice in writing.  However, the following will apply:

Cancellation notice received 30 days or more before the Event No obligation
Cancellation notice received less than 30 days before the Event  

Forum Events will revoke the complimentary status and you will be charged the Buyer Organisation standard Charge of £500 plus VAT per ‘live’ Delegate for a 2 day event and £250 plus VAT per ‘live’ delegate for a 1 day event. Attendance at any Events as a ‘virtual’ Delegate is £250 plus VAT which will be payable within 7 days of our invoice

Delegate does not attend and fails to substitute an alternative person who meets the attendance criteria
Delegate does not comply with the Delegate Participation Requirements


We will be entitled to charge interest on late payments – the rate is set in the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.
  • B2. On the day bookings. For some live events, we accept bookings on the day of the Event but, as places are limited, we cannot guarantee these bookings will be accepted and/or your preferred Supplier Organisation meeting selections may not be available.
  • B3. Will Forum Events always accept a booking that we have requested?  Each Booking Confirmation Form that you sign is an offer from you to us.  In most cases, we expect to accept any booking placed on the basis of a Booking Confirmation Form provided you meet the qualification criteria for the Event but we reserve the right to reject any booking and any that you place is only accepted by us once we confirm to you in writing (or by email) that it is accepted.
  • B4. Live, virtual or hybrid Events. Our Events are usually live events although some are available virtually.  On occasion, we may offer an Event as a ‘hybrid’ event.  In essence, a hybrid Event is a live event but may be attended virtually.  The nature of attendance for each of your Delegates will be shown on your Booking Confirmation Form. If you have booked for a Delegate to attend a hybrid Event as a ‘live’ Delegate so that they can attend virtually instead, you will need to request a change (which is at our discretion) by contacting us at least 7 days before the Event so that we can determine whether to switch them over to a virtual attendance and, if so, provide the itinerary and joining details.
  • B5. Event dates.  The dates for the Event, which is shown on the Booking Confirmation Form, are expected to be the dates on which the Event will go ahead.  In some rare cases over which we have no control, we may need to change dates for the Event.  If this is the case, we will contact you to let you know the alternative arrangements, which may mean changing your booking to a new date or to a new location.
  • B6. Event Venue.  The Venue for the Event, which is shown on the Booking Confirmation Form, is expected to be the location at which the Event will go ahead.  In some rare cases over which we have no control, we may need to change location for the Event.  If this is the case, we will contact you to let you know the alternative arrangements, which may mean changing your booking to a new date or to a new location.
  • B7. Items brought to the Event.  Where you or your Delegates bring any equipment or other items (such as phone chargers and laptops) to the Venue, it is your responsibility to ensure that all the items are in good working order and safe for use at the Venue including ensuring that electronic equipment has been properly safety tested immediately prior to the Event and that they will not cause injury to any person or damage to the Venue.

If you do not do the things set out in this clause B7 or your items are not safe and someone takes action against us or our personnel as a result, you will defend us and our personnel against that action and will pay everything it costs us and them (including fines, compensation, expenses and legal costs).

  • B8. Supplier Organisation appointments.  Forum Events will use reasonable endeavours to arrange the number of supplier meetings shown on the Booking Confirmation Form.You will make your preferred Supplier Organisation selections via our Delegate portal by the timeline specified by us  prior to the Event. Forum Events will use reasonable endeavors to arrange supplier meetings as requested. You may also have some supplier requested meetings arranged to suit your projects brief. You will be expected to attend all appointments as arranged on your itinerary.
  • B9. Hotel accommodation. For live Events that are for 2 days, we normally arrange overnight accommodation at the Venue or within a reasonable distance of the Venue for each Delegate (one room per Delegate) on the booking for the night between the 2 days.  Your Booking Confirmation Form will show if this is the case and, if so, the cost of the accommodation for the night and breakfast is included in our charges

If you have any problems with the accommodation or anything else at the hotel, we are not responsible and you should take the matter up with the hotel.

  • B10. Meals and other refreshments. Forum Events will provide meals and refreshments in the event hosted area during the Event.  You are responsible for any additional requirements.
  • B11. Changes to bookings.  If you want to change any booking after it has been placed with us, you will need to notify us in writing as soon as possible.  We will try to accommodate any required changes but this may not always be possible or it may result in change in date or location and/or additional cost to you.  We will contact you to tell you whether we are able to make the changes you ask for and, if so, what the impact of making the changes will be and what additional costs you will have to pay and when.  You will need to confirm whether you want to go ahead with the change and will normally be asked to sign a new Booking Confirmation Form.

If we need to make any changes to a booking after it has been accepted by us, for example, if the Venue is no longer available or if there is a change in the law that affects what we provide, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the alternatives and will work with you to try to find a mutually acceptable solution.

  • B12. What happens when the Event is finished? Once the Event has finished, it is your responsibility to ensure that your Delegates leave the Venue and that they take all of their belongings with them.  We are not responsible for belongings left behind and are not liable if they are lost or damaged. If we find any item after the Event and we can trace it to you or one of your Delegates, we will contact you so that you can arrange for it to be collected or returned at your cost.  If you do not collect left items or we are unable to trace the item(s) to you or your Delegate(s) within 7 days after the Event, we reserve the right to dispose of the item(s) however we see fit without any liability to anyone and to charge you for any costs we incur.
  • B13. List of Delegates.  After the Event, Forum Events will send to each Supplier Organisation a list of those Buyer Organisations and their Delegates that were booked to attend the Event (even if they did not, in fact, attend) and who have agreed to be contacted by the suppliers that were at the Event.  If your Booking Confirmation Form shows that you have agreed to this, your contact details and those of your Delegates will be included in the list.
  • G1. Authority to contract.  When you sign a Booking Confirmation Form or a PA Life or a Hotel Designs subscription or registration form, you are confirming that the person who has signed it on your behalf is authorised by you to commit you to a legally binding contract on these Terms of Business.
  • G2. Brochures, catalogues and adverts.  We describe and demonstrate what we offer in a range of different materials (including on our website) and some are of the materials provided by others such organisations that help us to provide our services.

The materials we provide to show you what we can offer are only to give you an approximate idea of what we can provide and you must not rely on them as being accurate.  They will not have any contractual effect between us.

  • G3. VAT.  We are registered for VAT and so VAT will be added to our invoice unless you are VAT exempt (we may require evidence of this).
  • G4. Currency.  All payments must be in pounds sterling.
  • G5. Quality of service.  We are very proud of our standards and quality of service.  You can expect us to provide our services with the skill and care that ought reasonably be expected of a provider services of the nature we have agreed in the Booking Confirmation Form / subscription form / registration form but it is important for you to remember, we depend on you providing information, access and engagement with us to provide our services to you and if you don’t do so, it will affect the quality and timeliness of service you receive.
  • G6. Subcontracting.  We work with a number of partners that are specialists in some of the services we offer.   Where we consider it appropriate, we may use them to provide our services to you
  • G7. Streaming, recording and photography.  All of our Events may be streamed, recorded and/or photographed and all Delegates may appear in these materials.  Some of these materials may be used for marketing and advertising our services.
  • G8. Data protection.  When we obtain personal data about you, any Delegates you book an Event for or anyone we liaise with for advertising or your Event, according to data protection law, you and we are independent and separate ‘controllers’.  We will each comply with all data protection law that applies to us and you will do everything you need to do to ensure you are entitled to provide us with the personal data you provide to us for use as described in these Terms of Business.

If you provide us with any personal data that you are not entitled to provide for us to use to honour our commitments to you and that results in someone taking action against us or our personnel, you will defend us against that action and any sanctions against us and our personnel and will pay everything it costs us and them (including fines, compensation to data subjects, expenses and our legal costs.

  • You will find details of how we use and protect personal data along with details of rights of individuals over their personal data in our privacy policy, which can be found at ..Privacy Policy ..

If you are making a booking for someone other than yourself, or we will be engaging with your personnel to provide advertising services, it is your responsibility to ensure these other people have read our privacy policy and understand how their personal data will be used, shared and protected.  Our Booking Confirmation Form , subscription form and registration forms each require you to confirm that you have done so.

  • G9. Call monitoring.  We may record calls for quality control and training purposes. You should ensure you explain this to your personnel so that they know to expect it.
  • G10. Health and safety and public health matters.  We may refuse Event admission to any person without having any liability to you or that person where we reasonably believe they present a health or safety risk at the Event. To help with this, we may require each Delegate to provide documents to show their health status in line with official guidance.
  • G11. Our right to provide data to the authorities.  You acknowledge that we may disclose to relevant authorities any and all data or information that we discover where we reasonably believe we have a legal obligation to do so.

It will not be a breach of our contract if we make a disclosure in these circumstances.

The law or regulatory authorities may not allow us to tell you that we need to make a disclosure or that we have made one.

  • G12. Communicating with us.  We use firewalls and other security technology to protect your information. However, things sent over the Internet are never completely private or secure which means there is a risk that any message or information you send to us may be intercepted and potentially read by someone you didn’t expect it to be seen by. We won’t be responsible and won’t have to compensate you if you send us anything electronically and you understand that you do so entirely at your own risk.
  • G13. What happens if we make a mistake?  Mistakes sometimes happen and, in the unlikely event we make a mistake, we will work hard to remedy it although we can’t guarantee that every mistake can be resolved. If you believe we have made a mistake you must tell us straight away so we have chance to put things right or reduce the impact.   You won’t be charged for any time we spend remedying any mistake we make.
  • G14. Things beyond our control.  If anything happens that is beyond our reasonable control that prevents or hinders us providing something we have agreed to provide to you, we will let you know as soon as possible but won’t be liable for not providing it. We will try to provide it as soon as we are able but if we can’t do so for 1 month or more or we notify you that it is not economically viable for us to provide it, you can choose to end the affected parts of our contract by giving us notice in writing (email will do) so long as you give us that notice within the following 7 days of us telling you of the problem.
  • G15. Ending the contract early for breach.  If you materially breach these Terms of Business, we will tell you.  If the problem can’t be fixed, we can end this contract straightaway by giving you written notice.  If the problem can be fixed but you don’t remedy the problem within 10 days of us telling you, we can end this contract straight away by giving you written notice.  Similarly, if we do likewise, you must tell us without delay and, if we don’t remedy the problem within 10 days of you telling us, you can end this contract straight away by giving us written notice.
  • G16. Ending the contract early if one of us goes out of business.  If you go out of business or it looks likely that you will or you make any arrangements with creditors or become insolvent (or a trustee, receiver, administrator or similar is appointed) we can end this contract straight away by giving you written notice.  Similarly, if one of these things happens to us, you can end this agreement straight away by giving us written notice.
  • G17. Confidentiality clause.   Apart from where we have explained otherwise in these Terms of Business, we promise to keep all the information we get from and about you confidential at all times (even after our contract has ended) unless you or the law tells us that we can disclose it or we need to tell our insurers or professional advisers.  Similarly, you promise to keep all the information you get from and about us (including our prices, contract terms, our staff and our services) confidential at all times (even after our contract has ended) unless we or the law tells you that you can disclose it or you need to tell your insurers or professional advisers.
  • G18. If things go wrong.  We don’t expect any problems but, just in case, it is important that we both understand what we are responsible for.  Neither you nor we exclude any liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence (or for any other liability which the law doesn’t let us exclude or limit) but apart from that, unless we say otherwise in the Booking Confirmation Form:
    1. we exclude all liability to the maximum amount that the law allows including for any terms that the law implies into our contract.
    2. neither you nor we will be liable for any indirect or consequential loss.
    3. there are no limits on our liability or yours for breaking the ‘Confidentiality clause’.
    4. we are not liable for loss of profit, loss of sales, business or contracts, loss of anticipated savings, business interruption, loss of revenue, damage to reputation, loss of or damage to goodwill, loss of use or corruption of software or for any special damages in each case whether direct or indirect
    5. in all other cases, the most Forum Events is liable for (whether in contract, for breach of statutory duty, tort (including negligence) or any other form of action) is the amount you have paid or which is payable to us for the booking that gives rise to your claim.

Our charges are set to reflect the amount of risk that we take on under our contract with you and you agree that the limits on liability are reasonable.

  • G19. Waiver.  If we don’t take action straight away for breach of our contract, it won’t stop us taking action later for the breach unless we have agreed in writing not to take any action for it.
  • G20. Rights of others.  We are entering into a contract with you because we are happy to work with you and it is only intended to be between you and us and nobody else can enforce it unless we have said someone else has a right in these Terms of Business.
  • G21. Publicity.  We are happy that you are choosing to be Forum Events client and we would like to list you as a client in our publicity materials (including our websites and brochures).   We will discuss this with you before doing so.
  • G22. Your relationship with us.  You promise not to do anything that might create legal obligations for us (unless we say you can in writing).
  • G23. Modern slavery. We are firmly against slavery and human trafficking and we comply with all UK anti-slavery and human trafficking law and you promise to do so as well.  We assure you that we haven’t been investigated, charged with or convicted of an offence in connection with slavery and human trafficking.  You assure us that you haven’t either.
  • G24. Soliciting our personnel.  We have a vested interest in protecting our business and we invest in our personnel so that we can ensure quality services for you and our other clients.  As such, you promise not to solicit, entice, induce, employ or engage any of our personnel (whether directly or indirectly, whether for yourself or for any other person or in conjunction with any other person).

If you break this promise, you will pay to us 80% of the annual salary of the personnel or the cost of the Services for 6-months that are affected (whichever amount is higher) by way of liquidated damages.  We may also seek damages and/or an injunction.

  • G25. Making a claim against us.  If you want to make a claim against us you will make it in writing and it must be received by us within 14 days of the date the thing giving rise to the claim occurred.
  • G26. Notices.  There are a number of things in these Terms of Business that may require one or the other of us to give a written notice to the other.  The contact details for sending these notices are in the Booking Confirmation Form and they can be given and will be deemed to have been given as follows:

Method of service

Deemed delivery

by registered post, special delivery or first class post

10 days after posting so long as the sender has proof of postage and has emailed a copy of it to the person who is supposed to receive the notice

by email

on the next day after it was sent so long as the sender has a delivery receipt for the notice or other confirmation it was received

in person

at the time it is left at the proper address

  • G27. The law and disagreements.  Our contract is to be read and understood under English law. If we have any disagreement that we can’t resolve between us, we both agree that the English courts and regulators will have non-exclusive jurisdiction to deal with it.
  • G28. It’s all about you!  Our contract is personal to you and you can’t transfer any of your rights or obligations under it to anyone else (unless we say you can in writing).
  • G29. If anything in these Terms of Business is invalid.  Both of us believe that these Terms of Business are reasonable and fair, that you understand the level of risk you are taking and have the opportunity to take out insurance to protect you and your business.

If the law or any court tribunal or regulator determines that anything in these Terms of Business is unlawful or unenforceable, we will work together to find an replacement for it that is lawful and enforceable which gives the same effect.  All other provisions will continue unaffected.

That basically covers it. If you have any questions, you can contact our team by email at, by phone on 01992 374100 or you can write to us at Forum House, 71 Mead Lane, Hertford, SG13 7AX.